The (Co)Laboratory on Citizenship, its works and actions call to deal with identity, Greekness, equality, diversity, democracy, integration, not only as a representation but also as a lived experience of co-existence and co-creation. Six artists from different backgrounds and discipline and at the same time with common interests and dynamics, supported by curators, anthropologists and activists, discuss and create on the occasion of the current law on citizenship in Greece. Through a collaborative process of meetings and workshops, they challenge and are challenged by questions such as whether artistic creation can provoke social function and strengthen participation in dealing with crises, inequalities and stereotypes, and whether culture can contribute to social change, by developing and activating communities.

This is an experimental community project based on the interaction and intersection of ideas, experiences and beliefs of different people as well as the need of all of us for action, civic participation and the search for further convergence between the artistic creation and the claims of our fellow citizens. The (Co)laboratory on Citizenship, looks forward to acting as an enhancer of the demands of people of immigrant origin for equality before the law and social equity, but also to explore ways of participation and not interference, in the continuous effort to eliminate diversification and othering, through collaboration, confluence and presentation of works by creators with different cultural backgrounds. In this way, the peculiarity of the action lies in the fact that it gives equal weight to the coherent and interactive processes that will characterize the projects.

When: 19/05/2022 – 22/06/2022

Where: Victoria Square Project

Artists | Irene Efstathiou, Sevastiana Konstaki, Malvina Panagiotidi, Theo Prodromidis, Georges Salameh, Urok Shirhan

Convenors | Dafni Crema, Sophia Handaka, Polyna Kosmadaki, Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou

Organised by KOLLEKTIVA for social innovation and culture, Victoria Square Project

With the contribution of Generation 2.0, Anasa Cultural Center

OPENING HOURS: Monday – Saturday | 12pm – 8pm

OPENING DATE: Thursday 19 May, 7pm – 10pm

The project is supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and NEON

Cover photo credit: Ioannis Kampanis & Vicoria Square Project