Not a toolkit!

Not a toolkit! Fair collaboration in cultural relations: a reflAction is the result of a commission from EUNIC to a team of six experts with diverse profiles and backgrounds to develop a set of user-centred tools for EUNIC members and colleagues working in the field of cultural relations. The team was selected through an open call for proposals published in March 2021. KOLLEKTIVA undertook the project management of this work.

Not a toolkit! aims to raise awareness about fair practices in cultural relations, and asks pertinent questions we should be asking of ourselves – as individuals, as professionals and as organisations operating within a system – to challenge and improve our practices, policies and procedures when engaging in cultural relations activities.


Photo: Gaza Club, YaoundéResult of mapping exercise: Scenes from Gaza Club, a cultural venue with the goal of sustaining and exporting culture and arts through cultural activities, contemporary arts and exhibitions.

Not a toolkit! was compiled by Cristina Farinha, Avril Joffe, Matina Magkou, Anna Steinkamp, Katelijn Verstraete, and Sudebi Thakurata along with D.epicentre as the design partner. It is the result of extensive consultation with practitioners in the field of cultural relations – both EUNIC and non-EUNIC members, including a survey, a series of roundtables and interviews. The methodology adopted was a user-centred design-led process.

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