Consolidating deep & inclusive social innovation ecosystems

Project Name
Funding Body
Horizon Europe Program
Lead Partner
Fonduri Structurali – RO
Center Noordung – SI
YourY Network – IE
Brașov Municipality – RO
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini – IT
DEEP Ecosystems – DE

Consolid8 is a project co-funded by the European Union that aims to support the integration between social innovation actors and traditional innovation ecosystems throughout Europe. The project will carry out social innovation capacity-building programs in Romania, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Slovenia as well as an accelerator for ecosystems builders throughout Europe.

KOLLEKTIVA is focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the cultural field. The triptych diversity-equity-inclusion (DEI) has been adopted (in the US it also includes accessibility – DEIA) and is a priority for museums and cultural organizations, in order to remain relevant and maintain their relationship with citizens and society. Producing social value is not only about raising awareness of issues of diversity but also about creating change. Adopting DEI principles reduces the skills gap, increases productivity, reaches more audiences, and goes side by side with the key principles of democratic societies. In Greece, in the field of culture, except for accessibility, there are no big talks or efforts for inclusion in the workplace. Furthermore, in terms of DEI programming in the cultural sector, there are limited activities that directly refer to that or/and explore DEI.

The ecosystem that KOLLEKTIVA will engage with is “Cultural Practitioners focusing on DEIA” and we mainly refer to:

  • Cultural organizations, e.g. museums, cultural foundations, non-profit organizations, (DEIA in workplace, programming, exhibitions, events, conferences, etc),
  • Artists,
  • Advocacy and communities’ organizations,
  • Arts education organizations and universities,
  • Creative networks (online platforms, etc),
  • Funders (financial support to organizations that prioritize DEIA, etc).


This ecosystem is constantly evolving and adapting to new social and political contexts, technologies and cultural trends, and it is an important driver of innovation and social change within the cultural sector in Greece.

The CONSOLID8 project is financed under the Horizon Europe Program, grant agreement 101096781.